//What we supply ?

What we supply ?

At Meters UK we do… hot water meters; cold water meters ; DN15; DN20; DN25; DN32; DN40; water meters, otherwise known as 15mm water meters; 20mm water meters; 25mm water meters; 30mm water meters; 40mm water meters; 50mm water meters; vertical mount water meters; horizontal mount water meters; pulsed out/output data meters; WRAS approved products; multi-jet impeller dry dial meters; maximum pressure loss diagrams available, as well as thermal meter jackets; pulse converter m-bus; pulse converter modbus; pulse converters; pulse splitters; GPRS modems for automated meter reading; extended pulse cables; prepayment meters; woltmann helix bulk water meters; anti-magnetic security pulsed output readers….. and sizes of 65mm water meters; 80mm water meters; 100mm water meters; 125mm water meters; 150mm water meters; 200mm water meters; 250mm water meters; 300mm water meters; 400mm water meters and 500mm water meters.  Flow meters; prepayment card meters; which take double sided prepayment cards; three phase electric meters; we give you wiring schematics for all, plus three phase credit meters; three phase contactors; Diaphragm Gas meters for coal, marsh gas, natural gas and LPG gas.  Long signal transmission meters; remote counter units; as well as concentric reducers; flanged to PN16; fixed flange and swivel ‘easy fit’ flanges.  8″ – 6″ concentric reducers; 6″ – 4″ concentric reducers; 5″ – 4″ concentric reducers; 4″ – 3″ concentric reducers; 3″ – 2″ concentric reducers; 2.5″ – 2″ concentric reducers; as well as gas safety barriers; gas meters for explosive zones; signal cleanup; electrical pulsed output; and turbine gas meters.  Business Management System (BMS) and of course, automated/automatic meter reading (AMR).  Voltage Level converters; pulse shaping, we control that too !  Prepay gas meters; we also have units which can convert utility meter to modbus or convert utility meter to M-Bus and read input registers; write multiple registers; water meters with M-Bus or gas meters with modbus and we have meter reading by broadband, including 10 port m-bus; 32 port m-bus; 64 port m-bus; 128 port m-bus; 250 port m-bus; all m-bus to RS232c, otherwise known as transceiver microprocessors full-duplex m-bus to RS-232c; which inturn convert square wave output pulses, otherwise known as isolated outputs pulse smoothing and de-bounce water.  We have solid meter enclosures and transparent meter enclosure.  We also can supply you with oil meters, ranging from 4mm oil meters; 8mm oil meters; 15mm oil meters; 20mm oil meters; 25mm oil meters and 40mm oil meters.  Mechanical roller counter; non-pulsed oil meter; mechanical roller counter and pulsed oil meters.  Spiraflo steam meters and diva flow steam meters; Ilva flow steam meter Siargo MFGD thermal mass flow digital gas meters; TBX low pressure drop turbine gas meters for boilers and furnaces. Series B Rotary displacement gas meters; single phase meters; three (3) phase card meters; prepayment head meters; dual fuel meters reading either, gas and electric meters; electric and heat meters; electric and water meters; gas and water meters; heat and water meters.  Other terminologies used may include dual fuel card readers; electricity meters; transformer pulsed heat meters; calculator m-bus heat meters; calculator modbus heat meters; calculator glycol measurement heat calculator; or just heat calculator.  Heat calculator with 1.5m sensors; automated prepayment heat meter; as well as predetermined threshold heat meters and we supply Tweet heat meters; Thermal Oil heat meters and for the prepayment meters, should you wish to reset your meter you will need a Zapper reset remote.  Heat meter with strap on sensors; RS485 heat meters; Brine measurement/heat pumps; brine and glycol measurements and brass pockets – 65mm long. 1.5 sensor lead set; 5m sensor lead set or 10m sensor lead set.  Fixed flow heat meters; heat meter converters or a 4-20a converter.  Brass compression t-piece; DHAS sensor lead set; M-Bus 3G GPRS modem.  Meters UK exclusive products include the Shara 100 module; Modbus EF1 module. RHI Sensors and HCM pulse cables.  Meters UK also manufacture the Kalina.  We stock 20mm diaphragm meters; 25mm diaphragm meters; 30mm diaphragm meters; 40mm diaphragm meters; 50mm diaphragm meters and supply gas meter installation kits and have gas meter wall brackets; gas meter flexi hoses; gas meter stop cocks; gas meter brass compression couplers and gas regulators; angled gas regulators; ball valve or stop cock couplings for gas / water meters and brass reducers. The GOLDi turbine gas meter and be supplied as a 50mm turbine gas meter; 80mm turbine gas meter; 100mm turbine gas meter; 150mm turbine gas meter or 200mm turbine gas meter.  We also have the Goldi gas safety barrier, which comes in the  BMS Goldi gas safety barrier or AMR version.  Commissioning filters and Gas Solenoid Valves, which can be auto reset gas solenoid valves or manual reset gas solenoid valves.  Flexirexi connectors or Flexi rexi connectors; which are stainless steel corrugated annealed tubes or flanged flexi rexi’s.  Gas meter wall bracket are also stocked by Meters UK as well as single jet dry dial water meters which can be used as caravan park water meters; student accommodation water meters; office building water meters; kitchen water meters or pond water meters.  TOMi water meter is a multi-jet dry dial water meter supplied by ourselves with water meter couplings.  The MAXi water meter water is also one of ours and we can supply meter jackets which are water meter coverings keeping your water meters cool or hot depending on what you need.  The TOMi heat meters are used for both heating calculator and cooling calculator measurements. These can also be termed as thermal energy calculating meters or programmable heat meters or just programmable meters.  The MAXi heat meter can be referred to as a flanged water meter or PN16 water meter, whilst the HCM range is a M-Bus water meter or M-Bus calculator, or M-Bus calculating meter with On-Site programming and re-programming facilities.  Models in this range include the HCM4006; HCM4000; and HCM4008.  Pockets and t-pieces are also supplied, the HCM Range is also known as a HCM4 Sensor or HCM45 Sensor which come with a 1 way remote counter unit or 6 way remote counter units.  Do you know that you could use a meter as a Leisure centre meter or Leisure park meter to ensure that everyone gets a turn at the various facilities available.  Other products exclusive to Meters UK include the Smartlink 45, Smartheat and soon to be released, Smartlink NFC.  So in a nutshell we supply electric meters; gas meters; heat meters; the EF1; HE202; SC3100; The Tiny; Polyphase Energy Meters; Kalina meter reading units; Witches Hats; G4PS Meters; HCM4500 Series; the Budget water meter; Maxac; the RCU1; HE203df; Smartlink45 (oops said that),  monitoring and billing for electricity and monitoring and billing for water.  And last but not least, as informed by my colleague, we also have whole current or current transformer operated meters….. ppffhew….. anything else ? Please ask !

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