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What We Do

Design and Manufacture

As a design and manufacturing company, we have the technical knowledge and expertise to offer a solution to any type of utility metering application either large or small.

All our meters are designed to operate together, providing a seamless straightforward interface with Building Management Systems, using either MBus or Modbus.

We are able assist organisations in complying with the Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014.  https://www.gov.uk/guidance/heat-networks

Automated Meter Reading and Billing

SmartLink45 is a smart communications hub utilising the MBus network that enables the automated meter reading of up to three different utilities on a single account.

We have developed this system for management companies and landlords both private and social.  It can read up to three utilities and within any time-frame and is accessed through a secure web portal.

Installed within a simply daisy chain format the system is hardwired for maximum reliability with an internal fault recognition system which automatically notifies a remote specialist engineer without the need for a site visit. https://meters.co.uk/smartlink-45/

Automatic Top Up and Pre-Payment

For landlords where debt management of utilities is a problem our SmartLink45 smart communications hub, utilising the MBus network, can enable the automated reading and pre-payment of up to three different utilities on a single account by three flexible options.

Until now pre-payment of utilities has always required action from the consumer to manually purchase credits usually via a card or key system.

This requires the point of sale for the credit to be nearby and always readily available.  Often this can be an arduous and inconvenient task for the consumer.  Also card readers wear over time and create system unreliability.

Each customer registers with Meters UK Ltd on our secure system server with their credit or debit card details.

A credit threshold high and low value is agreed e.g. £50.00 high threshold and £20.00 low threshold.  A payment is made and the high threshold value can then be credited to the unit.

As each utility is used, the credit on the meter reduces until it reaches the low threshold point e.g. £20.00, the meter contacts the server and the the meter is re-credited from the consumers bank account.  This all happens automatically and eliminates the risk of the customer running up a large bill.


Utility Sub-Meters and Accessories

We Provide a range of high quality, efficient and reliable water, gas and electric meters and accessories for any number of applications and projects large and small, including landlord gas and electric pre-payment card meters. https://meters.co.uk/products/

On-site Commissioning

Once the design, manufacture and installation of your project is complete we can come on site and commission the meters so that you are happy that everything is working as it should.