30 Day Money Back Guarantee*

Starts from date of installation.  Try it !  We are so confident in our product, we are offering this amazing money back guarantee because we know it will deliver everything we have promised and you will love it !

The SmartLink45 Communications Hub is designed and manufacturer by Meters UK Ltd.   The Smartlink hub can read upto three utilities and is web-based and a fully automated cardless system.  As a landlord, you choose your utility provider,  we program the system to meet your needs and ensure that all money paid for utilities by your tenants, gets paid to you. 

  • Daily reading of all meters
  • 24/7 web access
  • roaming network sim card 
  • Upto 3 utilities paid in a single transaction 
  • 30 Day full satisfaction guarantee
* Terms & Conditions Apply
What is Smartlink and how does it work ?