//Smartlink DYNAMiTE Meter Range

Smartlink DYNAMiTE Meter Range

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new SmartLink DYNAMiTE Meter range.

All SmartLink Meters are fully approved by MID, and Meters UK are proud to offer this range to you.

SmartLink meters are the smallest on the market starting at 1.8cm x 10cm in size with the largest being 12.6cm x 10.5cm.

This new range proves DYNAMiTE does come in small packages.

Single phase meters are available in both M-bus and Modbus versions and are all 100amp,

allowing you now to power up a large house or small business.

The Three-Phase meters are Modbus direct connect, multi-function 100amp meters,

whilst we also have CT Operated multi-function meters in the range.

Split Core Current transformers are also part of this range and we are excited to introduce

these into the market allowing currents to be read externally.

The CT’s are placed around the conductor without having to disconnect it or disrupt the wiring.

Split Core CT’s are usually more expensive, however ours are at an excellent price point

and are well worth the convenience they offer when dealing with bespoke installations.

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