TOMi Water Flow Meter

This range of water meters are typically used for meter reading and come with a standard pulse cable, at no additional cost.  For apartments, housing, commercial properties, office or retail, this range is what you are looking for.  The TOMi range comes threaded and fit the standard piping in the UK.   All meters come with a standard pulse cable and all attachments, for easy installation.

  • Class B – Multi Jet – Dry Dial
  • Long Term Clear Reading
  • ‘Frost’ Resistant
  • Cold Meters Max Temperature 40*c
  • Hot Meters Max Temp 90*c
  • Manufactured To ISOEN 4064
  • All meters come standard with a pulse cable and fittings.
  • Pulse per Litre adjustments are available.

Data Sheets:
Tomi Flow Meter – Technical Data
Tomi Flow Meter – Pulsed Output Data
Tomi Water Meters Installation