///Thermal Jackets – Flow Meters

Thermal Jackets – Flow Meters

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Hot Water / Heating Systems – Prevent Heat Loss – Improves the system with low U Value.

Cold Water – Prevents Frost Damage.

  • Materials – Glass Fibre Woven Fabric
  • Type – Silicone coated glass fibre – specification TEL1785
  • Material Thickness – 0.30mm
  • Weave – Crowfoot 1/3
  • Weight – 420g/sq m
  • Density – 45kg/cu m
  • Thermal / U Value – 0.33 W/mK
  • Thermal Resistance – 0.758 sq m KW 25mm Thick
  • Temperature Resistance – 150c continous 250c short term

Thermal Jacket Specification Sheet



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Jacket Size

TOMi 15mm – 20mm Meter (420mm x 290mm), TOMi 25mm – 30mm Meter (420mm x 365mm), TOMi 40mm-50mm Meter (550mm x 402mm), MAXi 50mm Meter (835mm x 345mm), MAXi 65mm Meter (855mm x 375mm), MAXi 80mm Meter (870mm x 930mm), MAXi 100mm Meter (910mm x 440mm), MAXi 125mm Meter (990mm x 495mm), MAXi 150mm-200mm Meter (1575mm x 717mm)


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