SCT-T Series Split Core Current Transformer

Main Features and Functions

• Small Size
• Low Cost
• High Secondary Turns
• Secure Locking Hinge
• Maximum continuous primary current 100A to 500AAC
• Output: 5A at rated current
• Accuracy : ± 1% 2VA
• Indoor or Outdoor use, outdoor type with rubber cover
• Insulation Voltage: 600VAC
• Maximum Primary Voltage: 5000VAC (Insulated Conductor)
• Phase Angle : >2°C at 50% of rated current
• Frequency Range: 50Hz to 400Hz
• Operating Temperature: – 15°C to 60°C
• Leads: 1.0m cable
• Output and leads can be customized
• Good linearity at very low current

Sold in a set of 3
Available in 100amp, 200amp, 300amp and 500amp

Data Sheets
User Manual