Specialised Metering

Need specific metering for the measurement of pulp, mud, coal water, slurry or waste ?

We source and supply specialised metering for manufacturing plants, pulp and paper industry, food & medicine industry as well as slurry or water dosing.

  • Measuring food slurry and water dosing
  • Electro-magnetic flow meters
  • Meters for slurry and solids
  • Flow meters for agriculture and slurry

Specification Sheet


Electromagnetic flowmeter can be used to measure the volume flow of conductive fluid in a closed pipeline. It is widely applied in the flow measurement and control in the fields of chemical and petroleum industry, metallurgy industry, water and waste water, agriculture and irrigation, paper making, food and beverage industry and pharmaceutical industry.

The measuring principle of electromagnetic flowmeter is based on the electromagnetic induction law of Farady. The sensor is mainly composed of measuring tube with isolate lining, a pair of electrodes installed by penetration of the measuring tube wall, a pair of coils and iron core to produce working magnetic field. When the conductive fluid flows through the measuring tube of the sensor, the voltage signal in direct proportion to the average flow velocity of the fluid will be inducted on the electrodes. The signal is amplified and treated by the transmitter to realize various display functions.

We are able to source specialised metering to meet your needs.  Please contact our offices on 01524 555 929 or email us on [email protected]


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