Developed by Meters UK, this gas meter allows the gas to be switched off remotely.  Connected to a BMS system you have control over the meter via Modbus.

Key Features

• High Quality diaphram gas meter with RSF (Remote Switching Facility)
• Pulse count output : 32 bit integer Modbus Message Value
• Manufactured to ISOEN 1359/OIMLR31
• Free calibration certificate with each meter
• For use with coal, natural, marsh gas, LPG and other non-corrosive gases
• All models standard Rs485 and external power connections
• External power 12Vdc @ 200mA with isolation to internal 3.3V supply (supplied)
• Signal isolation: 2.5 kV rms; Power isolation 1kV DC
• RS485 outputs for long signal transmission
• Baud rate 2400 (default). 4800 | 9600 | 19 200 available
• Meter count and status values via standard modbus requests
• Maximum working pressure 100 mbar

Please note.  Pricing includes an installation kit at £ 39 (20mm) and £ 62 (25mm).  Should you wish to purchase the gas meter on its own, please contact our offices.

Data Sheets:
Smart Gas – SAMi – Technical Data
Smart Gas – Installation Instructions

Smart Gas with Signal Tester