Single Phase 1 module energy meter with Serial Modbus interface 330mV CT ac input

This is a single phase meter which will fit comfortably into your current Utility Cabinet.  It is din rail ready, so will easily slide onto your UC rail.  The meter comes standard with a pulse cable and Current Transformer.  The Current Transformer opens up and fits around the electricity cable you are wanting to monitor. Should you not have a UC available, we do have enclosures designed for this meter available.  Installation is quick and easy and fast becoming a favourite !

Main Features and Functions

  • Single phase 100Amp meter
  • Din Rail mount allows for installation into existing home Consumer unit
  • LED display for easy reading
  • Pulsed output and unit comes with current transformer
    • MID approved with module B & D certification.
    • Bidirectional energy metering 1 DIN modules, 230V AC 50/ 60Hz.
    • Solid-core sensor &open-core sensor,330mV ac input 100A
    • Display of Voltage, Ampere, kW, PF, Hz, +kWh,-kWh,ΣkWh
    • Total energy usage can be calculated via 5 different modes.
    • Display Modbus RTU Interface data:baud rate, Modbus id, Parity
    • Reactive power and reactive energy available through interface
    • S0pulse output, transmission of measured values via pulses.
    • LCD display, 5 integer 1 decimal
    • Clear green backlight display
    • Accuracy class B according to EN50470-3
  •    Accuracy class 1 according to IEC62053-21
    • Memory back-up (EEprom)
    • The meter is intended to be installed in a Mechanical Environment ‘M1’, with Shock and Vibrations of low significance, as per 2014/32/EU Directive and should be installed in Electromagnetic Environment ‘E2’, as per 2014/32/EU Directive.

** Please note :  pricing includes 1 x Split Core CT

Data Sheets:
Wiring Diagram
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