////Residential Gas Pre-pay Meters

Residential Gas Pre-pay Meters

Gas Prepayment System.

  • 3 Part System Allowing Installation Flexability
  • Variable Prepayment Tariff
  • Suitable for residential or Light Industrial Applications
  • Manufactured to ISEN 1359/1436/161
  • Conforms to European Environmental Legislation

Data Sheets:
HE203 – Gas Installation Instructions

BOBi Gas Meter Technical Specifications

BOBi Gas Meter Installation Instructions

BOBi Frequently Asked Questions


Gas prepayment system works with three components:

BOBi Gas Meter

Despatches a data signal apportionate to consumption to the HE203.

HE203 Card Reader

HE203 configures this data and decrements the credits accordingly.

Solenoid Valve

At zero credit the valve closes shutting off the gas supply.