////Prepayment – Three Phase Electric

Prepayment – Three Phase Electric

Card Timing Prepayment Meters – Sports & Leisure Applications

  • Simple to program and functional prepaid ‘Timing Meter’
  • High Quality LCD Display – (Decrementing time displayed)
  • Retains Memory – In the event of loss of power
  • Uses Magnetic Stripe Card To Insert Credits
  • Timing Range (variable) 1 second to 99 days
  • Audit Facility
  • Large Switching capacity up to 125 amps direct
  • Override & End Of Session Warning Facilities
  • Conforms to European Environmental Legislation
  • Time – Calibrated Accuracy
  • Reset Option

Data Sheets:

SC3100 Technical Specifications
SC3100PM- Schematic
HE203E – 3 Phase Electricity Instructions
3 Phase Contactor – Data Sheet

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It comprises of 3 Component Parts

  1. Electricity Meter – with a pulsed output
  2. Card Reader
  3. Electrical Contactor 80amp or 125amp

Three Phase Prepayment Prices

80amp = £249
125amp = £279
( Prices plus carriage & vat )

Card Reader

The Card Reader is programmed to give the card a value and the cards are used twice and then disposed of. Example if a cost of electric is say 20p per kWh and each side of the card is set/programmed to give 25 units 50 x 2 = 100 @ 20p = £10.

Emergency Credit

Each HE203 Card Reader can be programmed to give an Emergency Credit Facility – at zero credit. A low credit buzzer warning is an additional programmable option.


The Cards are used twice and disposed of : – Landlords/Operators are registered with our Card Bank for security and replacement cards are sold in packs of 400 = 12p each 2000 = 8p each.

Loads etc

The maximum load is 80amps or 125 amps per phase 230/415 volts.