The HE203e is a card operated prepayment single phase electric meter for domestic use.

  • Simple to program and functional prepaid ‘Timing Meter’
  • High Quality LCD Display – (Decrementing time displayed)
  • Retains Memory – In the event of loss of power
  • Uses Magnetic Stripe Card To Insert Credits
  • Audit Facility
  • Large Switching capacity up to 100 amps direct
  • Override & End Of Session Warning Facilities
  • Conforms to European Environmental Legislation
  • Reset Option

Package Includes:
H203E Card Reader
Tiny Electric Meter
400 x Prepayment cards
1 x Pulse Cable


Data Sheets:
HE203E – Technical Details
HE203E – Installation Instructions Orange/Blue buttons
HE203E – Installation Instructions Blue/Grey Buttons
HE203E – Schematic & Wiring Diagram

HE203E – Wiring Tutorial
HE203E Programming Tutorial
HE203E Quick Programming Guide

HE203E – Electric FAQ’s