The SmartLink45 is a web-based pre-payment system, that can have upto 3 utilities on a single unit.

  • Available 24/7
  • No internet or broadband needed, works on a separate roaming network.
  • Meter shows credit in monetary value.
  • Emergency credit available.
  • All top-ups, readings and changes done remotely
  • Zero operating cost to the landlord
  • Now available to take both cash and card payments
  • Landlord portal allows for easy remote viewing and csv.file downloads available.
  • Each Smartlink unit needs its own independent power supply

Smartlink45® is a registered trademark of Meters UK Limited.

Landlord Manual
Landlord FAQ’s
Prepayment Terms and Conditions

Tenant Manual
Smartlink Help

All Installation Manual & Schematics – please click here