Intrinsically Safety Barrier for Pulsed Outputs in a potential explosive zone. Manufactured to BSEN 60079-11-2007 Electrical Safety In Explosive Atmospheres’

  • Simple to install
  • Ensures the pulsed outputs do not make a direct electrical contact
  • Battery powered
  • Manufactured to BSEN 60079 – 11 –2007
  • Conforms To European Standards
  • Suitable to connect with GOLDi Turbine Gas Meters & BOBi Diaphragm Gas Meters

In addition to required electrical isolation GOLDi Gate provides:

  • Signal Cleanup – Converts the output pulse to a clean signal of 200msecs what ever the input (min 10 msecs – input)
  • Pulse Shaping – Cretaes a perfect square wave output
  • Voltage Level Converter – Accepts input voltage range between 9 – 24 volts AC or DC

Data Sheets:

GOLDi Gate Specification Sheet Business Management System
GOLDi Gate – Installation Instructions 806001 – BMS
GOLDi Gate Specification Sheet Automatic Meter Reading
GOLDi Gate – Installation Instructions 806002 – AMR