2 inputs and 4 outputs
Can be configured by a jumper link to enable either,
– Input 1 drives all 4 outputs or
– Input 1 drives one pair of outputs and Input 2 drives the other pair of outputs

The unit can be configured by a jumper link so that output pulses are 50mS duration or 250mS duration.
Designed for use with volt-free contact or open collector/drain meter outputs. Input ‘ídle’ voltage is around 3.6v.
Input voltage must be pulled below 0.5v @ 30uA to register as an input pulse. Minimum input pulse width 20mS.

Maximum pulse frequency:-
– 10Hz with 50mS output pulse duration
– 2Hz with 250mS output pulse duration

Additional Features:-
Maximum voltage across each output 60v DC
Maximum current through each output 100mA
Isolation between outputs 1Kv DC
Battery life >10 years (1 input driving 4 outputs. Max. frequency 1Hz). Input to output isolation voltage 13.9Kv DC

Data Sheets:
Technical Data Sheet
Full Data Sheet