The Competitive Range of Water Meters.

This is the perfect range for you if you are wanting to measure water usage from water taps to homes and businesses.  The meters all come standard with a pulse cable (meter reading*) and fittings for easy installation.  The dial rotates 360* and they come in a range of sizes as well as hot (red) and cold (blue).  * Should meter reading not be a requirement, you can cut the cable off or roll it up.

  • Class B – Single Jet – Dry Dial
  • Long Term Clear Reading
  • Cold water meters max temperature 40*c
  • Hot water meters max temp 90*c
  • Manufactured to BS EN ISO 4064-5:2014
  • Calibration Certificate if required
  • Swivel dial ensuring accurate reading wherever the meter is sited
  • All meters come standard with pulse cable and attachments

Data Sheets:
Single Jet Meter – Technical Data


Single Jet Meter FAQ’s