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EM737 Whole Current Smart Energy Meter

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EM737 Smart Energy Meter – Whole current

The EM737 is an advanced four quadrant meter for installing into 3 phase networks.

This meter is more advanced then your normal 3phase meter and cabling is plugged in direct to the meter.  Should your cabling be too thick to plug in directly please look at the EM737 CT meter.

The meter measures active or combined energy designed for residential, utility and industrial applications.

House in a 7-DIN module the unit is designed for high level performance which is both safe and easy to install.

With bi-directional energy measurement, this meter is ideal for solar PV energy metering.

This meter is din rail mounted – should you require an enclosure please order the HT8 here.


Main Features and Functions

• Three phase metering
• MID approved with appendix “B” and “D” certification
• Three phase metering ,7 DIN modules
• Direct metering up to 100A
• Accuracy class B according to EN50470-3
• LCD display, 6 integer 2 decimal
• Large clear back light display
Electrical measurements:
Volts :  L1,L2,L3-N   |   Amps :  L1,L2,L3,Σ,Neutral   |   kW & kvar & kVA & PF :  L1,L2,L3,Σ
kWh,kvarh +, -, Σ       |       kW& kvar Demand +, -, Σ
• Isolate pulse output and IR (DIN43864)
• Optional single-phase model
• RS485 communication port, modbus protocol
• IR port
• Program by button on the nameplate
• Memory back-up (EEprom)

The meter is intended to be installed in a Mechanical Environment ‘M1’, with Shock and Vibrations of low significance, as per
2004/22/EC Directive and should be installed in Electromagnetic Environment ‘E2’, as per 2004/22/EC Directive.

Data Sheets

User Manual



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