EM415 Mod 10 (100)A LCD display Single DIN rail mounted kwh Meter

Main Functions & Features:

MID approved with appendix “B” and “D” certification
Single phase metering 4 din modules
Direct metering up to 100A
LCD display, 6 integer 1 decimal
Clear green backlight display
SO pulse output
Smart Communication port
Modbus RTU with 16 bit CRC
Accuracy class B according to EN50470-3
Accuracy class 1 according to IEC62053-21
Memory back-up (EEprom)

Pulse Output Function:  

The SmartLink meter is equipped with a pulse output which is fully separated from the inside circuit.

Reading the Meter:

The SmartLink energy meter is equipped with 6+1 LCD display, which is used as recording consumption and cannot be reset to zero.  The number system is based on units of 10.  Units are kWh.


The SmartLink meter has MODBus COM.

Programming Function:

With the buttons on the front panel, address, baud rate and passwords can be programmed.

Data Sheets:
Register Map
Wiring Diagram