The Bambina water meter is a single-jet turbine meter which can be used to measure water consumption in:

• Caravan Park Installations
• Student Accommodation
• Office Building Sub-Division
• Ornamental Pond Filling
• Commercial Kitchen Monitoring
• Metering of cold potable and hot water

• Single-Jet impeller meter type
• Body material of water meter is brass
• The Bambina can be used safely in water temperature up to 50c (T50) and 90c for Hot Water
• Maximum working pressure is 16 bar
• The impeller is the only moving part in contact with water giving the most reliable reading
• The application of a magnetic protection to guard against external influences
• The top of the meter can be turned 360° so you can see the readings easily
• All BSP fittings supplied with nuts, tails and washers for free
• MID compliant and WRAS approved.

Data Sheets:
Bambina Water Meter