• EF1 Modbus Converter

    £79.00 Ex VAT
    The EF1 converts standard Utility Pulsed Meters (Electric- Gas - Water) into Modbus Protocol. Ideal for both new installations or retro fitting Manufactured to ISOEN 15745 - 2 :2007. Please note when ordering this product we will need to have the following information from you for programming :- Baude Rate :  9600 | 19 200 Address  :  1 - 250 Parity  : None | Even  
  • Single Jet Flow Water Meter

    From £19.05
    The Competitive Range of Water Meters. This is the perfect range for you if you are wanting to measure water usage from water taps to homes and businesses. The meters all come standard with a pulse cable (meter reading**) and fittings for easy installation. No additional charge. The dial rotates 360* and they come in a range of sizes as well as hot (red) and cold (blue). ** Should meter reading not be a requirement, you can cut the cable off or roll it up.
  • TOMi Flow Water Meter

    From £38.00
    TOMi Multi-Jet Water Flow Meter This range of water meters are typically used for meter reading and come with a standard pulse cable, at no additional cost. For apartments, housing, commercial properties, office or retail, this range is what you are looking for. The TOMi range comes threaded and fit the standard piping in the UK. All meters come with a standard pulse cable and all attachments, for easy installation.
  • Maxi Water Meter (Flanged)

    From £330.00
    MAXi Water Meters - Flanged PN16 These water meters are designed for steel pipework installations and large commercial projects. Please call or email for pricing as weight and quantity will affect shipping costs.  
  • Pulse Splitter

    Produced and manufactured by Meters UK Ltd, the Pulse Splitter has unique software, that smooths out the pulses received, making them into square wave output pulses. This greatly improves reading accuracy for Business Management Systems and Automatic Meter Reading systems.
    • Isolated Outputs
    • Battery or Powered Versions
    • Unique In Built Smoothing & De Bounce
    • Can be used with gas, water and electricity
  • Smartlink24 Pulse Splitter

    The Smartlink24 Pulse Splitter is designed to split pulses from meters or turbine units, into two separate outputs. Two versions available - Battery - Power
  • Pulse Quality Management System Improves the accuracy at low flows by increasing the pulse output The MAXAC Pulse Quality Management interface unit is used with Building Management Systems or Automated Reading units. The MAXAC maximises accuracy and resolution of Water Flow Meters at lower flow levels. The MAXAC is used in conjuction with a High Pulsed output flow meter, in the commercial sector  
  • Thermal Jackets – Flow Meters

    From £26.00
    Thermal Jackets are a must to insulate and protect your meter.  Whether hot or cold the jacket keeps the temperature around your meter at a constant, thereby reducing the damage to your meter. Hot Water / Heating Systems - Prevent Heat Loss - Improves the system with low U Value. Cold Water - Prevents Frost Damage.    
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