• Smartlink LoRa

    LoRa Networking is used for large sites or where the signal strength is intermittent or low.  This is also a great solution for flats in the basement or where the signal strength is hindered as each flats meter will act as a channel for communication between the meter and the cloud. Instead of each meter working as a direct link to the cloud, this network allows each meter to act as a link, should the signal strength be weak. Through this technology, greater distances can be achieved and signal boosted.  The system is also cheaper and more reliable. Manuals and Installation Diagrams  
  • Prepayment Cash

    You can now take cash payments for the Smartlink45 meters.

    As part of the Smartlink45 Online Prepayment system, you have the option to take cash from your tenants and manually load that payment onto the meter/s. Due to some tenants not having the means to top up online, we have introduced the Armour X6 rugged device which will enable the site manager or designated shop owner to take payments in the form of cash.  With their unique X6 login details, the relevant meter can be selected, and topped up through the Smartlink45 portal.  Each X6 is tailored to your specific needs and the login portal is designed specifically to your site or company name, showing your logo and site details. Any value of money can be entered onto the meter, as well as authorisation number for easy reference.  As long as all cash payments are logged, the portal will have a record of amount received, unit topped up and reference taken. Additional charges are levied with the X6, in terms of a set up fee and monthly connection fee. Should you prefer to use your office/reception pc you can do so.
  • Online Meter Reading

    Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) refers to the ability to remotely read meters without the need to physically collect readings/data from the meters themselves. This saves time and money and makes it possible to install meters in convenient locations (such as inside apartments) without the need for intrusive access into each unit. The Smart Communications Hub enables automatic reading and billing of up to three different utilities through a single account
    • Ideal for Management Companies, Business Parks, Industrial Estates, Office Parks, Factory or Trade Outlets, as well as Hospitals etc
    • Readings done daily
    • Upto 3 utilities per hub can be read
    • Landlord web portal giving access to daily readings, monthly reports and downloads
    • Installed within a simple daisy chain format
    • Can be networked or installed with a LoRa mesh network.
    Smartlink45® is a registered trademark of Meters UK Limited.    
    Please contact our offices for a quotation.  We will need to know the number of meters needed and layout of building or flats, in order to give you an accurate, tailor-made quote.  Email. [email protected] or Call : 01524 555 929.
    Data Sheets: Landlord Manual  Meter Reading Contract Download Wiring Schematics please click Here
  • Prepayment Metering

    The SmartLink45 is a web-based pre-payment system, that can have upto 3 utilities on a single unit, which means one bill for all the attached utilities.

    • Available 24/7
    • No internet or broadband needed, works on a separate roaming network.
    • Meter shows credit in monetary value.
    • Emergency credit available.
    • All top-ups, readings and changes done remotely
    • Zero operating cost to the landlord
    • Now available to take both cash and card payments
    • Landlord portal allows for easy remote viewing and csv.file downloads available.
    • Each Smartlink unit needs its own independent power supply
    Smartlink45® is a registered trademark of Meters UK Limited.

    Manuals: Landlord Manual Landlord FAQ's Prepayment Terms and Conditions

    Tenant Manual Smartlink Help

    All Installation Manual & Schematics - please click here

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