• Smartlink24 Pulse Splitter

    £90.00 Ex VAT
    The Smartlink24 Pulse Splitter is designed to split pulses from meters or turbine units, into two separate outputs. Two versions available - Battery - Power Our Pulse Splitter is an OPEN collector meaning that it drops to ZERO pulse. Most BMS systems start working at 2 Volts and most Chatterboxes only start reading at 5 volts. This causes problems when connecting to the BMS system, as they will not read the meters. Smartlink24 works on a low Voltage and the open collector starts from 0.001 Our Pulse Splitters read your meters.....EVERYTIME.
  • Pulse Splitter

    £75.00 Ex VAT
    Produced and manufactured by Meters UK Ltd, the Pulse Splitter has unique software, that smooths out the pulses received, making them into square wave output pulses. This greatly improves reading accuracy for Business Management Systems and Automatic Meter Reading systems.
    • Isolated Outputs
    • Battery or Powered Versions (24V power version only)
    • Unique In Built Smoothing & De Bounce
    • Can be used with gas, water and electricity
    Limited quantities - new, updated version Smartlink24 click here


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