• Gas turbine meter for commercial applications.
    • High Precision & Reliability
    • Wide Measuring Scale Ratio
    • Manufactured To ISOEN 9951
    • Vertical or Horizontal Installation
    • Pulsed Output
    • 340 Degree Rotating Head
    Data Sheets: GOLDi Gas Technical Data GOLDi Installation
  • Intrinsically Safety Barrier for Pulsed Outputs in a potential explosive zone. Manufactured to BSEN 60079-11-2007 Electrical Safety In Explosive Atmospheres’
    • Simple to install
    • Ensures the pulsed outputs do not make a direct electrical contact
    • Battery powered
    • Manufactured to BSEN 60079 – 11 –2007
    • Conforms To European Standards
    • Suitable to connect with GOLDi Turbine Gas Meters & BOBi Diaphragm Gas Meters
  • Minimise Pressure Loss With A Perfect ‘Cone’.
    • Flanged PN16 Pipe Reducers
    • Material 16mm Anodised Carbon Steel
    • Fixed Flange & 1 Swivel ‘easy fit’ Flange
    Data Sheets: Concentric Reducers - Overview
  • The Perfect Solution When 'RETRO' Fitting Gas Meters. Data Sheets:  Flexi Rexi Data Sheet
  • Suitable for GOLDi Gas Turbine Meter Installations
    • Easily installed between flanges without modification
    • No need to make special stool pieces
    • Constructed to work at high & differential pressures
    • Clearly seen by virtue of its elongated signal arm
    • Manufactured to ISOEN 1092-2
    • Stainless Steel woven wire gauze 20 mesh aperture
    Specifically designed by meters uk Ltd for the filtration of debris and the protection of gas equipment during commissioning and start up periods.