• Smartlink Gas Safety Barrier

    £90.00 Ex VAT
    Used for the safe operation of electrical equipment in hazardous areas, the unit ensures that the power from the BMS to the gas meter is at a SAFE voltage, therefore avoiding explosive situations.
    Features: - 2 inputs and 4 outputs - Can be configured by a jumper link to enable either, - Input 1 drives all 4 outputs or - Input 1 drives one pair of outputs and Input 2 drives the other pair of outputs
  • Turbine Gas Meter

    From £760.00
    Gas turbine meter for commercial applications.
      • High Precision & Reliability
      • Wide Measuring Scale Ratio
      • Manufactured To ISOEN 9951
      • Vertical or Horizontal Installation
      • Pulsed Output
      • 340 Degree Rotating Head
    • When ordering this product, please ensure you also order the Commissioning Filter here and Gas Safety Barrier (Chatterbox-e) here.
  • Metal Expansion Joint

    From £25.00
    Metal expansion joints are compensating elements for thermal expansion and relative movement in pipelines, containers and machines. They are the perfect solution when 'RETRO' Fitting Gas Meters. • Tested according to ISOEN 10380 • Certified in compliance with PED9723CE ** • Corrugated annealed fitted mild steel • Complete with welded flanges • Manufactured to DIN30861 • Flanged to PN16 • Swivel flange on one end
  • Gas Meter Commissioning Filter

    From £45.00
    Suitable for GOLDi Gas Turbine Meter Installations
    • Easily installed between flanges without modification
    • No need to make special spool pieces
    • Constructed to work at high & differential pressures
    • Clearly seen by virtue of its elongated signal arm
    • Manufactured to ISOEN 1092-2
    • Stainless Steel woven wire gauze 20 mesh aperture
    Specifically designed by meters uk Ltd for the filtration of debris and the protection of gas equipment during commissioning and start up periods.

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