The HE203e is a card operated prepayment electric meter for domestic use. Easy to install and operate.  Landlord sells cards to tenants for a certain amount of money.  The card is then inserted into the card reader and that amount of credit is displayed onto the machine.  The tenant will then be able to see how much he/she is using and when needing to top up, will again buy more cards from the landlord/estate agent. The cards have no denomination on them.  All they do is activate what has been physically programmed into the machine, so the landlord can determine exactly what they want to change for each card.  Each machine can be programmed to your desired settings. Emergency credit is also programmable for the times you are not able to get to your tenant, ie. 2am in the morning. Package Includes: H203E Card Reader Tiny Electric Meter 40 x Prepayment cards 1 x Pulse Cable