//Congratulations Tim !

Congratulations Tim !


Congratulations to our newest team member, Tim Smith for completing the “Through Hole Hand Soldering” course, held by The Electronics Group near Leeds.

The course demonstrates good practice and teaches the skills applicable to hand soldering to those new to the industry, as well as showing how components are recognised and positioned. It is very much a ‘how to’ course designed for staff new to soldering and the knowledge gained is, essentially, understanding soldering practices and recognising the quality of a finished soldered connection. The course is also useful for established staff who may require upskilling to acquire today’s best-practice soldering techniques.

Tim is now proficient in practical soldering skills, frequently-used components, the use of tools and equipment, the fitting of components to printed circuit boards (PCBs), electrostatic discharge (ESD) procedures and ‘zaps’ and last but not least, health & safety in the workshop.

We look forward to seeing him in action !


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