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About Us

We are a genuine ‘One-Stop Metering Solution’

For more than 30 years Meters UK have supplied sub metering for all main utilities and are the UK’s ONLY manufacturer of heat meters. Our fully digital heat meter is MID approved and suitable for billing purposes.

As a design and manufacturing organisation, all our meters are designed to operate together, to interface with Building Management Systems using either M-Bus or Modbus.

They are also designed specifically to work with our proprietary Automated Meter Reading and Automated Top-Up Pre-Payment Systems.  This makes us uniquely positioned to offer a complete fully integrated system, allowing up to three main utility meters to be read, billed and pre-paid through a single account.

Also, by providing Heat Interface Units, we will design a complete system that incorporates the main metering, sub-metering, and heat management of individual apartments, meter reading and payment management.

We have ISO 9001 accreditation and are fully committed to following our environmental policy.

Over 30 years of industry know-how

Meet The Team


Derek has been in the utility metering industry for over 30 years and manufacturing some of the meters the company sells for a large part of those years.

During that time, he has seen many changes and has been able to anticipate and respond to those changes with an innovative approach to design and manufacture.


Sheila Carter is General Manager of meters uk Ltd. With 25 years of experience in the metering industry. Sheila is highly motivated with a range of responsibilities which can be demanding and bursting with variety. She makes it a priority that customers’ expectations are always met and where possible, exceeded.

Working with Sheila is Aly Durnan.  Aly has been with Meters UK Ltd for 8 years and plays a key role in the manufacture of the meters and accessories.


David has 23 years’ senior level sales experience of which 8 of these are in the meter industry. He has managed to close some top M&E projects with Meters UK over the past few years.

As a qualified mechanical designer David has the expertise to work with engineering consultants to help establish which meters are best suited for their projects. In his spare time David umpires cricket in the local league and as an avid wildlife conservationist.


Neil has worked in electronic design and software development for over 30 years, the last 8 of which has been at Meters UK. He has a wide experience gained from his involvement in numerous projects from conception through to production and ongoing support. He is also involved in the manufacturing side of the company where he oversees the production of products which he has designed.

Aly Durnan also works with Neil on the electronics side of manufacturing and is skilled at making circuit boards. Martin Burbidge, a recent addition to the team, also working with Neil, has the role of developing software for a number of new projects that are in the pipeline.